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A History of Glass and Furniture Design

Glass has been one of the foremost mediums of expression for artists for many centuries. The history of glass design began in the European church, where artists from all over the continent competed with one another to design the best and most elaborate tributes to their religion. In the modern secular age, the type of design may have changed, but glass remains an incredibly popular medium for art and some of the contemporary styles designed by modern artists.

Moving Beyond Windows

While most glass designers began working with windows, there is now a vast range of other materials that they can work in. Many have made their names by designing glass ornaments which not only decorate homes and commercial properties around the world but which can even take pride of place in some top-rated museums.

Glass is not a hugely popular material for heavily used items of furniture due to its fragility. Nevertheless, many people have built objects out of glass which are designed to go on display rather than be heavily used.

Using Colour

Modern glass-blowing techniques have made it far easier for artists to integrate colour and expression into their designs. This has set off a new wave of popularity for glass designs, many of which use bright and striking colours to attract the attention of people in the room. It's now easier than ever before for glass designers to mass-produce items which become popular with the general public.

A History of Contemporary Glassware Design and Trends

If people are wondering about the history of glassware design and why glass furniture and objects are so popular these days, here are the answers for you.